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Crystal City Printing Press (2010)

A headphone road album conceived and actualized while touring through rural Manitoba with a stage play.

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Crystal City Printing Press


We are a group of actors and technicians from Newfoundland, who toured rural Manitoba this past February with an award winning stage play. We've gotten some help along the way from our tour manager and technicians from the Manitoba Theatre Centre. Thought it wasn't enough of a challenge to do 23 towns and over 5,500 kms in 28 days... so we recorded an album whilst we travelled from Gretna to Churchill and random points in between. Check out our route by going to the location below and clicking on MAP ::::::: http://maps.google.com/maps/user?uid=110807075503639630188&hl=en ---- THE BALLAD OF CRYSTAL CITY-- Stanley A.=piano,vox; Didi.G.R.,Wyatt. T, Shannon H., Renee H., Keri E.=backing vocals. Recorded @Carmen Collegiate, Carmen, MB; Days Inn, Brandon. POOLSIDE (Flip the Zipper)-- Didi G.R.=zipper; Wyatt T=vox,life preserver; Stanley A.= midi keys, violin, deck chair, guitar. Recorded @The Days Inn, Steinbach & MacKay Bed & Breakfast, Pilot Mound. RUSSELL'S LAMENT-- Didi G.R.=vox; Stanley A.=piano, guitar; Wyatt T.=drip beat. Recorded in the bathroom of the Atikokan Hotel Lounge, Atikokan; Tilson Place, Minnedosa & The Willam Glesby Theatre, Portage la Praire THE CRYSTAL CITY SUITE--Stanley A.=Piano; Ian K.=soundbyte. Recorded@MacKay Bed & Breakfast, Pilot Mound & The William Glesby Theatre, Portage la Prairie THE BATTLE FOR DELORAINE--Wyatt T.=ipod synth; Stanley A.=everything else. Recorded @The Winchester Theatre, Deloraine; MacKay B & B, Pilot Mound; & Lakeside Inn, Kenora. HOTEL ROOMS--Stanley A.=guitars, piano, vox; Wyatt T.=ipod beats, ipod synth, backing vocals. Recorded @Tilson Place, Minnedosa; The William Glesby Theatre, Portage la Prairie; Lakeview Resort & Conference Centre, Gimli. THE CRYSTAL CITY ANTHEM--Ian K.,Shannon H., Renee H., Wyatt. T., Didi.G.R.=hambone handclaps; Shannon H., Renee H., Wyatt. T., Stanley A., Didi.G.R., Keri E.=vocals; Stanley A.=guitars, piano, synth-bass. Recorded@MacKay's B & B, Pilot Mound; Lakeside Inn, Kenora, St. Patrick's Separate School, Atikokan; Day's Inn, Brandon; in the Jeep on highway 16. YOUR LOVELY LIFE (Renee'Song)-- Renee H.=Vox; Stanley A.=guitar, piano, synth; Jonathan Watton=soundbytes. Recorded @Lakeview Resort & Conference Centre, Gimli; Eriksdale Legion/Recreation Centre, Eriksdale; The Prospector Inn, Creighton. A DAY AT THE RACES (The VLT Song)--Stanley A.=vox, piano; Wyatt T.= backing vocals. Recorded @St. Patrick's Separate School, Atikokan, Lakeview Resort and Conference Centre, Gimli. SHEET HAPPENS (off the mat)-- Everything,Everybody,Everywhere. Dialogue track recorded @The Parklane Theatre, Crystal City. Big thanks to those who helped out along the way with food, shelter, coffee, beer & pianos. Special shout out to Bob. S. in The Five Tonnes of Fun...

Renee H. Shannon H. Wyatt. T. Didi G-R Stanley A. With Keri E. & Ian K. & Bob S.



Completed Albums

Crystal City Printing Press(2010)

A headphone road album conceived and actualized while touring through rural Manitoba with a stage play.

Take Care of Each Other   Download
The Ballad of Crystal City   (preferred)   Download
Poolside (Flip the Zipper)   Download
Russell's Lament   Download
The Crystal City Suite   Download
The Battle for Deloraine   Download
Hotel Rooms   Download
The Crystal City Anthem   Download
Your Lovely Life   Download
Passing on the Inside Lane (Five Tonnes of Fun)   Download
A Day at the Races (The VLT Song)   Download
Sheet Happens (Off the Mat)
Sheet Happens (Off the Mat)- Sioux Lookout Mix :-)   Download